Sad Whatsapp Status

Sad Whatsapp Status: Are you feeling sad? Are you looking for some Best Sad Whatsapp Status that you can update as your whatsapp status? Don’t worry we have the best sad whatsapp status that you can update for free.

Sad Whatsapp Status

  1. When Someone Hurts That You Love, It Hurts You Lot But Still You Love
  2. Every True Love Starts And Ends With A Sad Moment
  3. When I Am Silent, Please Don’t Care About Me, Why Because I Am Sad
  4. When I Am Sad, You Have To Act Like You Don’t Care
  5. We Ignored Truths For Temporary Happiness
  6. Maybe One Day You’ll Call Me And Tell Me That You’re Sorry Too
  7. But You, You Never Do
  8. In The End, Its Not About Who Broke Your Heart . Its About Who Mended It Back Together
  9. How Terrible Is It To Be Called Beautiful, Smart And Strong But End Up Being Alone Every Night
  10. The Fact That Nothing Lasts Forever Is The Best And The Worst Thing I Could Possibly Know
  11. A Daughter Sir! As The Nurse Exclaimed The Happiness, The Secret Molester Evading The Law Got The Banishment He Deserved
  12. I’ve Been Dancing With The Devil
  13. Clever As The Devil And Twice As Pretty
  14. Sympathy For The Devil
  15. Don’t Care For Those Who Are Ignoring You, Care For Those Who Are Ignoring Others For You
  16. When You Push A Pull Door And The Person Behind  Says “You Need To Pull” Aye Cheers Lad Sure Next Plan Was To Start Lifting From The Bottom
  17. This Still Fucking Cracks Me Up
  18. This Dead Ship Just Floats The Surface, Someone Needs To Dive In Me To Re Surface The Benevolent Soul That Lies Deep On The End Bed
  19. I Cant Cry Anymore, No Tears Will Come
  20. Some Times I feel Like Nobody Likes Me, Nobody Wants Me, nobody Needs Me And Nobody Cares
  21. With So Many Things Coming Back In Style, I Cant Wait Till Loyalty And Morals Become A Trend Again.
  22. Shouldn’t Love To Be A Thankful Slave Of God
  23. Remember ,You Are Not Worthless Because Someone Choses Else Over You
  24. My Circle Is Small Because I Am Into Quality Not Quantity
  25. Go For It, Whether It Ends Good Or Bad, It Was An Experiences
  26. Never Wait, Life Goes Faster Than You Think
  27. The Most Stupid Thing In The World Is Acting Like A Friend To The Person You Love
  28. My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain
  29. I Am Only Good At Hiding My Feelings
  30. I Never Stopped Loving…I Just Stopped Stowing It
  31. Wait Is Painful. Forgetting Is Painful. But Not Knowing Which To Do Is The Worse Kind Of Suffering
  32. Only You Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad
  33. Sometime I Just Want To Get Far Away From It All
  34. Life Is A Series Of Disappointments Broken Only By Dark Spells Of Depressed
  35. I am Waiting For Your Message
  36. I Miss The Old Me ,I Miss The Happy Me…. Every Thing Has Changed
  37. Life Hurts A Lot More Than Death
  38. Dear Pillow, Sorry for All The Tears
  39. Everything Will Be Ok
  40. I Don’t Know What I Feel Anymore
  41. Have You Ever Been So Sad That It Physically Hurts Inside?
  42. It Hurts,But Its Ok.. I’m Used To It
  43. I Hate That I’m Still  Hopping
  44. I Don’t Hate You.I Just Lost Respect For You
  45. The Worst Kind Of Sadd Is Not Being Able To Explain Why
  46. Sometimes Its Easier To Pretend That Youdont Care ,Than To Admit Its Killing You
  47. Iam Always The One Who Loves More…That’s My Problem
  48. Iam Slowly Giving Up
  49. Life Hurts A Lot More Than Death
  50. You Stopped Crying, I Stopped Trying


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