Romantic Whatsapp Status

Romantic Whatsapp Status: Are you looking for some romantic whatsapp status that you can use to update as your whatsapp status? Well don’t worry because we have 50 Best Romantic whatsapp status that you can use for free.

Romantic Whatsapp Status

  1. Why I Like You because You’Re Different.
  2. True love never dies.It only get stronger and stronger.
  3. I love all your little things in you.
  4. I want to listen your heart beat by laying on your chest.
  5. When iam with you the rest of the world fades away.
  6. When iam with you are my world.
  7. To be with you is my happiness.
  8. You can hold my hand for a while.But you can hold my heart forever.
  9. When i look into your eyes,iam falling in love with you aain and again.
  10. My heart is full,because my heart is filled with your memories.
  11. when a person is in love there is no different he is wise or fool.
  12. Now i wish to be with you.
  13. I am waiting for the day that we are getting married.
  14. You are my definition of perfection.
  15. The way you look at me makes my heart melt.
  16. You were my favorite piece of art in the whole museum of my feelings.
  17. I have found the one whom my soul love.
  18. In a world full of selfish people… Fall for those who fight with you for you.
  19. I cant sleep,because you are in my dream.
  20. A romantic pain can heal all your pain.
  21. Missing you comes in waves.Tonight i’m drowning.
  22. You are what i need in my life.
  23. Every day i spend with you becomes the best day of my life.
  24. When i want to smile,i know exactly what to do,I just close my eyes and i think of you.
  25. One smile cant change the world,but your smile changes mine.
  26. you,you don”t look at me now,for i ain’t yet ready for the heaven.
  27. Love+Trust+ Loyality +Great sex=an unbreakable relationship.
  28. Love me when i least deserve it,because that’s when i really need it
  29. I dont need you to fix me.I need you to love me while i fix myself.
  30. All that you are is all that i’ll ever need.
  31. You are not my number one you are my only one.
  32. Even if i spent the whole day with you.I Will miss you the second you leave.
  33. Being with you is all i want.
  34. I feel so lucky that we met.
  35. You deserve a forever love from a heart as full as yours.
  36. You are my one and only…..
  37. My dad is not complete if don’t tell you i love you.
  38. A list of reason why i love you: You are you.
  39. Just plain and simple,I love you
  40. Our love story will always be my favorite.
  41. I think about you lot more than i probably should.
  42. A sky full of stars and he was staring at her.
  43. I love seeing you smile.
  44. You’re just so smart and perfect and beautiful.
  45. How did i get so lucky i don’t understand
  46. you’re a love i’d cross oceans for.
  47. Staying with me,forever
  48. You are my 2am thoughts.
  49. Love seeing your name pop up on my phone.
  50. I don’t want someone like you,I want you.


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